Name Room Accom.
Schitzova Anna Maria, BG
Nedzvetsky Anna, IL
Double Hotel Park
Anita Marin, D
Diana Schott, D
Double Hotel Park
Julia Kornelia Kupiec, PL
Magdalena Rzechowska, PL
Double Pension Marína
Weronika Indyk, PL
Maria Chwedyna, PL
Double Pension Marína
Celeste Engel, NL Single Pension Marína
Eliška Helikarová, CZ
Anna Mar Vidal Farion,PL
Double Pension Marína
Adam Suska, PL Single Pension Marína
Bognár Fanni, H
Michaela Bukovinská, SK
Double Pension Marína
Kirshner Assaf, IL
Vancel Andrej, SK
Double Pension Marína
Štefan Galík, SK Single Pension Marína
Music school is opened every day 7:00 – 21:00
Open concert
You can apply for the concert on
or on the paper on information desk at music school
every day till 14:00.
The program of the concert will be on and on information desks at 16:00.
Acoustic rehearsal for the open concert is
one hour before the concert.
You can buy tickets for the meals in ART AIR CENTER
in Zmeškal Music House every day.
The prize for the meal is 4,60 EUR.
You need to order the meal in restaurant Marína
lunch till 11:00 and dinner till 17:00.
LUNCH 13:00 – 14:30
DINNER 18:30 – 20:00