Vesselin Paraschkevov - violin, chamber orchestra, Bulgaria / Germany


is one of the leading violonists of our times. Born near Sofia (Bulgaria), he received his first violin instruction at the age of four years. Having completed his studies with outstanding results he continued his formation with Mischa Wayman in St Petersburgh (Russia). He then attended master courses in Vienna (Austria) and Geneva (Switzerland) with Henryk Szeryng. In 1973, he was appointed concert master to the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra and he has held a professorial chair at the Essen Folkwang Conservatory (Germany) since 1980. He has won numerous national (Bulgarian) and international prizes.

He plays u.a. under Günter Wand, Gerd Albrecht, Emil Tabakov, Georg A. Albrecht, Marek Janowski, Leopold Hager, Christoph Stepp, Hiroshi Wakasugi, Emerich Smola, Klaus Arp, Miltiadis Karidis, Flipse, Konstantin Iliev, David Chen, Félix Carrasco, Arnold Katz, Ryutaro Iwabuchi, Michael Ismailov, Johannes Wildner, Alexander Wladigeroff, Erwin Acél, Lübomir Romanski, Horia Andreescu, Leonardo Quadrini, Alexander Kalajdzic

His soloist and chamber music activities include concerts in Europe, Russia, South Korea, Taiwan, Japan, U.S.A., Mexico, Brazil and Cuba.
He taught also master classes in Germany, Taiwan, Japan, U.S.A., Bulgaria, South Korea, and Cuba. 
Vesselin Paraschkevov plays on a violin made by Guarnieri in 1710.